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Stealing a Ficathon: Part II!


Sign-ups will from From January 24 - February 5. Assignments will go out February 13. Stories must be a minimum of 1000 words, and should be posted to thebigcon on March 15, 2010.

After all the stories have been posted, all unfulfilled prompts will be up for grabs!

In a comment below:

List a minimum of 3 fandoms from the below list in which you can write a story for someone else. Please include what you are comfortable writing, and what you are not comfortable writing, including content rating (G through NC-17) and flavour of romance if you're writing romance (het/slash/femmeslash).

List a maximum of 3 fandoms from the below list in which you would like to recieve a story. List sample prompts for each, including flavour of romance (gen/het/slash/femmeslash), and preferred characters and pairings.

Please indicate if you can pinch hit, and which fandoms for which you can pinch hit.

Also, include your LJ/DW username, and an email address where you can be contacted.

The Big Store Fandoms

American Gods
Burn Notice
From Eroica With Love
Highlander The Raven
Invisible Man
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Modesty Blaise
Ocean's Eleven
Once a Thief
Out of Sight
Remington Steele
Robbery Under Arms
Shell Game
The A-Team
The Brothers Bloom
The Good Thief
The Italian Job
The Saint
The Sting
The Thomas Crown Affair
To Catch a Thief
White Collar

If you have any questions, or additional fandoms you think should be added, also post them here!

ETA: Due to the lack of sign-ups, I'm going to put the ficathon on hold for the moment, possibly to return in March.



Name: LJC
Journal: taraljc
Email: ljconstantine at hotmail dot com

White Collar
(Gen and/or Het)
Neal and Cruz undercover as either a married couple or Cruz posing as Kate Moreau, spending least one night together in a posh hotel (surveillance van outside with Burke and Jones optional).

I'd love to know more about June and Byron.

The Thomas Crown Affair
Tommy/Catherine. I always picture these two drifting and and out of each other's lives. How and when? Does Catherine ever come back to McCann? How does he deal with how he feels about her, and how she feels about Crown? Or... 3 things Tommy stole for Catherine, and one thing Catherine stole for Tommy.

Shell Game
What was Riley and Dinah's first and/or last con together? We know what Dinah does for Riley's birthday--what does Riley do for Dinah's birthday? Does Riley ever come clean about his past to Nathalie?

Fandoms I can write: Remington Steele, White Collar, Leverage, The Brothers Bloom, Shell Game, The Thomas Crown Affair, Catwoman (comics), Sneakers

What I can write: Gen and Het, any rating though I'm no great shakes at NC-17, I can do my best. I'm also better at character vignettes than planning actual heists/cons.

Pinch Hit? Yes

Edited at 2010-01-23 11:48 pm (UTC)
Could Out of Sight be eligible for this ficathon? I ADORE that film!
yes omg! movie and book! I shall add it to our list!
Damn! I was planning to sign up for this but got distracted by work this week and missed the deadline - ARGH!

On a more positive note, I think you're wearing me down with the Pike/Number One stuff...I just started watching "The Cage" as I type this. *grin*
I'm actually going to extend sign-ups since as you can see, erm... yeah. Not so much with the "Other People Besides Me" thus far!

and YAY!!!!!!