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white collar (ot3)

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White Collar

Alas, the White Collar finale vexed me.

The fridging of Kate was just so... sloppy. I hate that we never find out who she really is a a person. She's a symbol, and now that's all she'll ever be. It's lazy storytelling, and facile, and I feel like a decade into the 21st century, EPs really ought to know better by now.

Also, I'm still annoyed that after great introductions, we never really saw June and Lauren Cruz fleshed out the way, say, Mozzie was fleshed out. June is there as an accent, but we never really get to know her as a person after the Pai Gow episode. Even the ep centred around her granddaughter, we never see her beyond the role of, well... grandmother. And I need to do a re-watch, but the Pai Gow ep was also I'm pretty sure the last time we also saw Cruz interact with Peter and Neal as a real character as well. Bringing back Diana in the finale, while awesome, took story away from Cruz (tho they did mention Fowler was having Cruz and Jones tailed and their phones tapped, so at least they had a valid plot reason). But why have Natalie Morales in your show if all she's going to do is quip over coffee and then completely disappear?

As much as I heart Neal and Peter, the women in the show really let me down. Especially Alex, who feels like a Fiona clone from Burn Notice in too many ways. The show started off so strong, but very few eps feel like they really lived up to the premise, for me.

And fridging Kate rather than showing her to be a villain? That upsets me because we lost so much STORY there. The Kate arc was always the weakest part of the show, but they had a chance to pay it off and instead... fridging. And Elizabeth wasn't treated much better either--she exists to be Peter's support structure and his weakness, but the last half of this season, they never really gave her that much story either. I liked it when she was an equal partner, and a buffer between Peter and Neal. But I started to feel like we were getting token Elizabeth scenes, these last few episodes. Not a lot of genuine character moments--just shorthand.



I could be wrong, but I'd bet money she isn't dead. Just temporarily gone to give him manpain.
Even if she does magically reappear in the summer finale... I'm still annoyed at the manpain.
Oh, I agree, the manpain *is* annoying. I'm just holding off on the fridging verdict until I'm sure she's dead - and I'm pretty sure she's not. Otherwise I would be right there with you on the NOOO! FRIDGING!!! ramparts, believe me.
The thing is, even if she's alive, she still exists solely to motivate Neal to act, whereas his relationship with Peter actually impels him to change. So Kate is never really a character in her own right. I think that's what's annoying to me. That we finished this season with Kate still a cipher, and that part of the story remains unresolved. The "Project Mentor" thing just didn't really satisfy me as a viewer.
Yeah, I'm another one who's thinking she's not really gone. And it's a pretty annoying way to end a season finale, but also pretty typical.
Agreed, but I think grey_bard is probably right and we'll find out that Kate got off the plane and blew it herself.

That's the only thing that makes sense to me if I don't want to believe she was fridged before she was able to speak for herself, and given what Elizabeth said about loving the real person vs. the idea of them, well ... I'm hoping they didn't put that in there just to add to the inevitable manpain and deny Neal (and us) the chance to see Kate as a real person.

(I also sort of want to find out that Kate and Alex were/are the ones pulling Fowler's strings. Or at least that they're in it together. That would go far to redeem the two-dimensionality of both characters for me.)
But where could she have gone? Peter and Neal are right there. They would have seen a car speeding away. And it makes no sense. If Kate was faking her own death, why not wait til Neal boarded the plane? And more than that, what would her plan have been if Neal had immediately boarded? To shoot the pilot and Neal, leave, and then blow up the plane to cover her tracks? And if Fowler was the one who blew up the plane, same question: why not wait til he had visual confirmation that Neal had actually boarded the plane, and kill them both?

It just felt like a cliff-hanger for the sake of ending on a cliff-hanger.
If she's alive, maybe blowing up the plane was plan B. I like to think she bailed because she (and her accomplices?) saw Neal dithering with Peter. If he had boarded, the plan was probably to keep him in line and working for her/whomever else.

As to how she got away ... eh. It's a stretch, but she was moving away from the door/window and sometimes those smaller planes have boarding hatches on each side (at least they do under my tin hat), so she could have gotten away from the other side of the plane.

It just felt like a cliff-hanger for the sake of ending on a cliff-hanger.

Yeah, totally agree. I think I'm trying to rationalize my way out of being disappointed. :(