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sirwynai in thebigstore

Starting with a Bang!


My friend crescent_gaia and I have created a White Collar Big Bang at whitecollar_bb!!

We are looking for both authors and artists! The minimum word count is 10,000 and the art is open to mixers, vidders, and artists. Author sign ups start April 1st and end July 15th - July 15th being when the rough draft is due. Artists sign ups start April 1st and end August 15th.

Please come join us!


So awesome! I have a Dreamwidth invitation you can use for this if you'd like -- it'll give you a way to post even long stories (up to about 60,000 words) in a single post, which is nearly as good as a website (especially for folks like me, who have a tough time reading stories online and thus save them for later). Let me know here or at janethunder at gmail dot com.

And it must be said: yay!